All the interesting shit happens after midnight.

From where I'm sitting, I can see a dude pulled over by a cop at a gas station. Nigga needs to book it cuz cop ain't gonna shoot nobody next to all that flammable shit.


DAMN he getting TOWED!!! Imma go to the gas station to buy me some water.
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Riley you bastard

Man Riley how you expect me to make any damn money this football season if you keep stealing my bets!  Every time I try to take a bet I hear how they already placed it with you, stay away from my territory boy I am warning you.

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I can't believe I got sent home for a suspension, I did nothing wrong this is injustice I tell you.  All I did was stand up for a fellow classmate after Mrs. Johnson called him stupid for not knowing an answer.  How can you be a teacher if all you do is hinder your students education by placing a seed of doubt in their minds based on their intelligence?  If this fool starts to believe he is too stupid to amount to anything then he won't try and its sad to know it was his very own teacher that placed this cognition on him.
After Mrs. Johnson called this student that derogative term I simply raised my hand to show I had something I would like to share just as we are expected too.  She called on me and I gave her my mind on this situation.  I told her the only stupidity in this classroom was her method of teaching and inability to relate to other human emotions.  I felt she was mediocre and needed to develop a sense of empathy towards the power of her words and possible effect.  No negative words were used I just said it as a simple fact. 
What does she do? She sends me to the office were I am informed I am being suspended for insulting a teacher and hindering the rest of the classrooms education opportunity.  This is America God damn 'it whatever happened to freedom of speech!  I was civil and that is all that should have mattered.

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Spring concerts mayham

Alright guys I need some help, a friend of mines who's parents work at ticket master is able to assure me eight tickets for a concert of my pick. So who's concert should I go with. We have Norah Jones playing at Madison Square Garden Wednesday the 18th, 8:00 pm. Or the second choice is The Killers, same place, Saturday the 28th at 8:00 pm. Vote for the one you want and those will be the ones I get.
Also I can get tickets for two other shows later in the year cheap if I tell him how many I want. There is Godsmack at the Hammerstein Ballroom, march 18 at 6:30 the tickets are originally 45. The second one, which I am definitely going too, is Justin Timberlake, Madison Square Garden, August 16 8:00 pm. The tickets are originally 39 to 60 dollars for that one.
Oh and thanks Bobby for having your mom do this for us!
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