Kenny and Sports

So I missed baseball tryouts since I didn't know Bikky was going to try out in the first place, I find myself bored and alone after school so I tried out for the other thing. The guy's tennis team and in case your all wonderin' I did make the team. At tryouts I hit some kid in the face with the ball but the coach laughed and said I had some spirit and I think that's why I got on the team.
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First game: we kicked ass.

Home game today that didn't go ovar so well. Pissin' me off caz now we have a bad mark on our season already.

I is happy there no game tomorrow. I gotta rest up, man. Another away game on Friday though at Lincoln-way Central. I played them before at basketball. No worries here!

Yo, my people need to meet me at the courts tonight, alrite?
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Getting Serious

We only have a few more months of school left and weeks before Spring break. When we come back we face the many horrible end of school exams. So when we get back from break I'm starting a serious study group, keeping in mind (and time) of the sports and other extracurricular activities I am in as well. All who wish to join please let me know before break. Just comment to this post.
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Heatin' It Up

With February gone, so goes my reason for livin'. Basketball. Now I have to wait till it get warm enuff to play street ball.

But there another sport comin' round that ya may be surprised I is doing this year. Baseball. Thats rite. I went to all the practices alreddie. 

First games the 20th. Its an away game at Andrew High. I expect to see ya there. 4:30pm, alrite? I'm goin' work my way to the top like I did in Bball. An ya know I'll make it. Fo' sho.
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